New Album Released!

After much anticipation, the new album from Omen Wolfgang is available in iTunes!

“The Wolfgang Chronicles” is the 6th album by Wolfgang, and it is arguably his best. It is a concept album focused on “a day in the life” experience, doing what Wolfgang does best. Telling stories that engage and still cause your hips to move, bringing your voice, vision and energy up along with it.

Got signed to a new record label!

Got signed to a new label, 508 Park Avenue Records. These dudes understands what it means to be an artist, ‘cause all of them either are or have been on stage and behind a mic.

They made me feel at home and supported from the start. I am lookin’ forward to hittin’ the studio and seeing what I can do with these cats. They are helping me take it to the next level and I hope y’all dig it! Peace.


Got this new site up to get my music out. Now I need to find the right label to help me fulfill my dreams. I know it’s gonna be. I just have to put my work into it so I can make it real for me and my family. God will find a way for me to make it happen. That and Viki. She gonna make sure I get on it. :-)