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At 508 Park Avenue Records, we are an independent label, but we also pride ourselves on having talent at our fingertips. We have two studios available for your recording needs, plus a project/mixdown studio for vocal overdubs/retakes and final mix in preparation for mastering.

We are lucky to be able to partner with both Pumphouse Studios, (a part of the fStar Productions family), and Perfect Pitch Studios of Austin. These two recording studios will make you feel right at home and help you to turn out the best sound you can get.

We also have dedicated access to Sound Pool Studios : Austin for recording, overdubbing, re-mixing, and mixing services.

508 has resources to help you market yourself, including web designers and business consultants. We are working on a partnership with an Austin based Tour Promoter to increase our leverage in the club and larger venue market across the country. We are an iTunes® affiliate and once we have enough material and artists, we will become an offical iTunes® Label.

We offer recording and mixing engineering services in-house. We have a great resource of three producers for our artists who require beats for production. We have song writing assistance available, from a little polishing of your rough idea, to fully crafted songs for those who want to put out a great record but who need some inspiration to make that dream a reality.

We have musicians of various instruments available with a wide array of skills and styles. Bass, Drums, Guitar, Keyboards, Voice, etc., as well as producers for those 'phat beats' that'll make your music really pop. From a single studio musicians to a full band, from HipHop to Heavy Metal, we can help you fill out your sound.