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508 Park Ave, Dallas, Texas, an address steeped in mystery or at least some important musical history.

In 1937 Robert Johnson recorded 13 songs that shaped the course of blues and rock 'n' roll. The tunes, including "Love in Vain," "Hellhound on My Trail" and "Me and the Devil Blues," made a huge impact on countless acts, from Muddy Waters to Led Zeppelin to the Rolling Stones and beyond.

Many of these recordings took place in Dallas, Texas at the Brunswick and Vocalion studios and warehouse at 508 Park Ave. These works inspired musicians across the globe, from Eric Clapton to Doyle Bramhall ii, from Austin to Tokyo. People interested in the genesis of rock and modern music see 508 Park Avenue in Dallas as a touchstone in the evolution of the music heard today.

Recently the property was purchased by First Presbyterian Church of Dallas and is currently being restored to much of its former lustre. 508 Park is a unique community outreach program which seeks to bring together people of all cultures and faiths through dialogue, education, music, and art. Although 508 Park Avenue Records is not affiliated with the 508 Park project, we are extremely happy to see the property being reborn in the heart of downtown Dallas.

The name of 508 Park Avenue conjures up a few different images. From the original Vocalion recording venue for Brusnwick to the location for Robert Johnson's last known recordings and Eric Clapton's tribute to the legendary bluesman, accompanied by Doyle Bramhall ii and now to a home for the unfortunates living in downtown Dallas, Texas next to the primary soup kitchen. All of these are factual and appropriate, some more than others.

The spirit of 508 Park Avenue Records is one that is supportive of the dreamers who want to have their music heard. Who have a song in their heart and a need to share it with the rest of the world.

We are located in Austin, Texas, where Stevie Ray and Jimmie Vaughan, along with Clifford Antone helped to bring The Blues back to the mainstream in the early 80's. And where countless musicians such as Charlie and Will Sexton and Doyle Bramhall ii cut their teeth. Artists like Malford Milligan and David Grissom have been able to collaborate with the likes of Tommy Shannon and Chris Layton and create music that not only makes you snap your fingers but also move your butt. And, Ephraim Owens can blow a trumpet so sweetly that you'll stop in your tracks and pause for a jazz tone reminiscent of Miles himself.

508 Park Avenue in Dallas, Texas has a special place in the history of modern popular music, considered to be a birthplace of a new sound, which was and has been difficult to reproduce, even by the masters of our times. We feel that 508 Park Avenue Records will provide that same opportunity for new music to be heard by a public hungry for something that actually speaks to them.

Wanna join us on this soulful and joyous journey? 508 Park Ave Records is the Musician's record label, where you will get the most return on the sweat equity in your music. And you'll be able to do it without that Hellhound on your trail...

Why 508 Park Avenue? - The Philosophy

For the last few years the record labels have complained about the digital media cutting into their bottom lines. At 508 Park Ave Records, we think the digital media is the most efficient means of recognizing a return on your investment in your art.

Going back in history, musicians earned their living by traveling and playing for local crowds. They were provided with food, shelter and whatever the local towns people could afford to give them. These musicians plied their trade because it was their vocation, their calling.

With the advent of recording technology, the musicians began to be able to reach a larger audience, but at a cost. The labels tended to take the lion's share of the profits to cover their own costs.

We think that digital media provides the opportunity for musicians to reclaim that profit since there is no need to create, ship and store the physical media associated with traditional industry practices.